Vibrance Deluxe R20D with Surface Selector - NEW!

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The new Vibrance Deluxe with surface selector features a redesigned body with improved airflow, a Deluxe Touch handle grip and a longer cord. While most other vacuums have switched to plastic parts, Riccar maintained the metal brushroll, bottom plate, handle tube and wand, so the parts you use the most wear the longest. A surface selector helps you move from carpet and bare floor cleaning with the flip of a switch. The Deluxe Vibrance is an amazing value and is backed by a 4-year warranty and the Riccar Red Carpet Service Plan. Features include:

  • 12 Amp motor
  • Metal bottom plate, steel brushroll and replaceable brushstrips
  • HEPA media filter
  • Self-sealing HEPA media bag system
  • Surface selector switch
  • Full bag indicator
  • Rubber wheels
  • Fast Task hose and on-board tools
  • Metal handle with on/off switch and Deluxe Touch grip
  • Headlamp
  • 35-Foot cord
  • Color: Black
  • 4 year warranty with 2 visits under Red Carpet Service Plan

NOTE: Only HEPA media bags are available with this model. Order item #: RMH-6.

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