Central Vacuum HEPA Bag

#RCB-3 - Item is available.

USD$ 34.95



These genuine HEPA media bags trap dust, pet hair and allergens in your Riccar hybrid or bagged central vacuum. The RCB-3 bags fit these central vacuum models:

  • RCU-H3, RCU-H5, RCU-H7, RCU-H9 and RCU-H11
  • RPU-B20, RPU-B2, RPU-BF40, RPU-B4, RPU-BF60, RPU-B6 and RPU-BF100*
  • RPU-BF20, RPU-BF40, RPU-BF60, RPU-BF100*

Pack contains 3 bags.

*For models RPU-BF100, RPU-B10 or RPU-BF10, see item #: RCB-HD3, which is a larger bag and better suited for this premium vacuum.